Civitas Offering



This phrase encapsulates our vision for Civitas. We want our clients to have a top-tier experience, whether selling or buying, and we want our agents to have a strong, positive presence within their communities.

Civitas focuses on being client driven, on the client experience. We are redefining service in real estate.  Always putting the client first and demanding exceptional service for our clients is a must.  Extraordinary performance and superior service, while keeping our client’s best interests at heart sets us apart, and it will you, too.

When considering the Civitas offering to a new agent, we thought about what we valued when we ourselves were new agents. We found great importance in a set of systems and tools as well as the training to help maximize their use. We needed a roadmap for success, customized for our goals, style, and personality, all within a working atmosphere of cooperation, camaraderie, encouragement and support. This is the foundation we have built for our agents at Civitas. We want our agents to serve clients at the highest level and to be happy while doing it. The stronger the foundation, the greater your chance for success.

Our team leverages top tech to empower our agents and improve the client experience.  Our agents get to focus on building relationships, working their sphere of influence, nurturing past clients, and generating the referral business that’s critical to their long-term success.

In addition, we are community-grounded Realtors who take pride in and get involved in our communities.  We view our team as a community as well; a group of people having particular characteristics in common, a feeling of fellowship with our fellow agents, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, goals and values. After all, Civitas means community in Latin.  We would love to welcome you to our community.

- Leilani Serrao-Baker, David Baker


Core Values:

Client first



Hard working

No excuses


High striving

Positive impact on your community


What we offer at Civitas:

  1. Develop a roadmap to success customized for you. 
  2. Provide regular check-ins.
  3. Team Coach 
  4. Team VA 
  5. Team TC 
  6. Systems and Tools included. (a $1,350 per month savings to you)
    1.  Follow Up Boss CRM
    2.  DocuSign
    3.  Marq marketing
    4.  Canva
    5.  ActivePipe for emailing marketing campaigns
    6.  Luxury Presence Website and property websites
    7.  Digital Campaign Builder
    8.  Targeted Monthly Newsletter
    9.  Direct Deposit-next day pay
    10.  Moxi Present; presentations + CMA
    11.  E and O Insurance


  1. Leads- A word about leads.  We teach you how to find leads and how to close leads.  The old Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”